If you’re new to the concept of estate planning, you are not alone. In fact, far too many people have gone without even the most basic of estate planning documents. However, being unprepared for your first meeting with an estate planning attorney can generate nerves and anxiety if you’re not sure what to expect.

During this initial meeting, bring any documents that you do have with you and any notes that you have about what would you like to happen to your property. Be decisive about your choices, especially when it comes to your estate plan.

A basic understanding of all of your assets can be beneficial so that you can come up with a comprehensive inventory. If you have any specific wishes or questions, note these down in advance as well so that your attorney can help you figure out next steps.

During the initial meeting,Closeup of business woman signing documents in a cafe the attorney will likely make an effort in order to get to know you, your family’s situation and your business situation if you have one. The attorney will usually take notes and ask follow up questions in order to identify your needs and to come up with a complete picture of your individual situation. From there, the attorney might suggest numerous tactics and strategies in order to develop an estate plan for you.

The attorney should be focused on taking your individual needs and translating those into strategies that can help you and make things easier for your heirs down the line. During this meeting you should also be taking notes as well and noting questions as the attorney speaks so that you can ask them.

At the end of the meeting the attorney will likely suggest next steps. This could be handling one or more of the aspects that he or she has talked about in the meeting itself and further information may be required from you.

Being prepared in advance and having all of your materials organized and written down can make things go much more quickly but it is also a good idea to have an ongoing relationship with your Massachusetts estate planning attorney so that things can be changed as needed.


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