It is important to have a conversation with your grown children about the money they will inherit, in order to ensure that you have given them the best chance to make this wealth last. Unfortunately, plenty of assets that have passed on to future generations do not last for long and this is particularly true when it comes to family business interests. The family business interests or the wealth amassed by the company could be misspent or squandered away in just one generation if you’re not careful. The best way to guard against this is to ensure that you have taken a comprehensive approach to estate planning and engaged your beneficiaries in a conversation about how to protect this wealth. Having the right support from an experienced estate planning professional who understands how all of these issues will affect your own future is beneficial. Unfortunately, trusts and investments often do not last until the third generation.

Thousands of business owners and high net worth families will even have difficulty passing on this wealth to the children, much less the grandchildren. Many of these cases involve a breakdown in communication and trust. Lack of preparedness on the part of the younger generation receiving the wealth is part of the challenge but it is also the responsibility of the person making the estate plans to consider all possible ways that they could guard beneficiaries from themselves.

Beneficiaries may not be capable of receiving a large lump sum inheritance. An estate planning professional will be well advised to counsel you about the unique situations in your family, especially if you are concerned about a spendthrift child or a child who is struggling with addiction-related issues.

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