Turkey, tinsel, and… taxes?


Believe it or not, holiday gatherings are widely recommended as ideal times to talk about important, future-focused concerns with your loved ones.

Sound too awkward? You’re not alone. Anxieties run high this time of year as it is, and no one wants to drag spirits down or flare tempers up by flirting with potentially sensitive subject matter.

For those of you who share these concerns, allow me to recommend an article I came across in The Wall Street Journal. “Yes, Virginia,” they write, “it’s possible to talk about family finances over the holidays and not ruin dinner.”

These are, after all, discussions you have to have eventually. Given that inevitability, it really is best to do it with everyone under one roof. And it doesn’t even have to feel like pulling teeth. On the contrary, “the talk” might leave you all feeling like a million bucks.

The Journal provides some great tips on broaching the subject, easing into it, including kids, and keeping the overall tone uplifting and light.

Consider making this holiday one to remember by having an empowering conversation that could benefit your family for decades to come.

Have the happiest of holidays, everyone!

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