Where Seniors (and others) Can Go To Play


London recently opened its first playground for seniors. Playground for SeniorsThe purpose of the playground is to encourage people, seniors and those recovering from surgery, to exercise on the low-impact equipment, without having to commit to a gym membership. According to the article, these types of outdoor playgrounds are not uncommon in Europe.

There may not be a specific senior playground locally, but there are several wonderful options for seniors to participate in exercise programs geared for them.

  • The Jenks Center in Winchester offers exercise classes three times per week. Details may be found on the Jenks Centers web page: Jenks Center (click on Calendar to see the dates and times of the classes).
  • The Medford Council on Aging has both exercise classes and a Walking Club in the Spring and Fall. More information may be found on their web site: Medford Council on Aging, or by calling them at (781) 396-6010

Most Councils on Aging will offer classes geared specifically to older athletes. Not only do these classes have appropriate exercises, it is often a way to get out and participate in activities without making any long-term commitment to a membership. There are 348 Councils on Aging in Massachusetts, serving more than 400,000 families. A list of the Councils on Aging may be downloaded from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Elder Affairs.

Overview of Councils on Aging in Massachusetts

  • The Burlington Mall opens the Mall at 7:00 AM to people of any age who want to walk inside during inclement weather. “The Burlington Mall Heart and Soles Club” was established in 1991, and is free. More details may be found on the Burlington Mall Groups web site: Mall Walking. A full lap around the lower level equals .75 miles.

Many other Malls across the country open their doors early for walkers. To find out the times and requirements, call your local Mall for details on the hours and entrances to use.

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