The goal of most planning is to avoid leaving a mess behind for your children, be it financially, legally, or literally. A cluttered house, for example, is one literal issue that many people have to deal with.

Decluttering and getting rid of your worldly possessions that are no longer necessary are at the top of the list for eliminating or reducing the literal mess and your stress level. However, you may also need legal and financial protections put in place by a knowledgeable estate planning attorney.

Many people want their spouse or their children to take over in the event of a sudden disability but your children or spouse could be barred from doing so if you do not have the legal paperwork in place like a power of attorney and a living will.

These advance directives may allow you to choose the people in charge in your life and avoid costly and lengthy court proceedings for guardianship in which the court determines who will be responsible for helping you. You can save money, time and the invasion of privacy and complications associated with a court proceeding. You can consult with an experienced estate planning attorney to learn more about how this can help you and your loved ones.

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