Individuals in the sandwich generation, or adult children who are caring for their own minor children while also helping their aging parents have a unique set of estate planning concerns. For example, you might have just come to the realization that your adult parents have never gone through the estate planning process.

Faced with numerous questions about long term care and retirement, you may want to help your aging parents get on top of their estate planning by setting up a meeting with a Massachusetts estate planning attorney today. This is also a great time to evaluate your own estate planning documents.

When was the last time you’ve updated your will? Are all of the beneficiaries on your various accounts like your life insurance policy or your investment accounts in line with any changes in your life including marriage, divorce, or the birth of a child?

The sandwich generation has many things to be concerned about but estate planning can be easily accomplished by setting up a meeting with a lawyer and talking about your primary goals. Estate planning helps you gain peace of mind about your future and also about how property will be distributed to your beneficiaries if something happens to you.

If you have concerns about assisting your elderly parents and putting together your own estate planning tools, schedule a meeting with a Massachusetts estate planning attorney today.



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