When you’re hiring a Massachusetts estate planning attorney, you might be under the impression that the process is relatively simple. You might, for example, believe thatprofessionals1 what you need is a simple will. While it is certainly possible that you may only need a will, it is still an incredibly important process to select the right estate planning attorney. Estate planning in reality is anything but simple. In fact, it is one of the most complex facets of the law in general. It is bound by both state and federal regulations and requires careful planning for your unique needs. Planning for you and your estate, both during the time you are alive as well as after you pass away, is extremely complex. Some of the most important questions you should ask your estate planning attorney include:
• Do you provide comprehensive estate planning services?
• Will you help with additional loss of privacy, delays, costs or other problems associated with probate?
• What percentage of your practice is associated with elder law or estate planning?
• How many hours of continuing legal education programs associated with elder law or estate planning topics do you attend every year?
• Do you properly title, ensure and outline beneficiaries for all assets inside my trust?
• What kind of homework is required from me as the client in order to successfully manage my estate planning needs?
All of these questions can help illuminate whether or not someone is the right fit for you as a Massachusetts estate planning attorney.

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