Judge gavel. Flat web icon or sign isolated on grey background. Collection modern trend concept design style vector illustration symbolPutting together a will is certainly something that is worthwhile regardless of the size of your estate. Failing to do so could lead to problems and arguments with your family members after you pass away.

There are several common grounds for these kinds of arguments. One of the most common is that the will wasn’t signed in accordance with applicable state laws. Laws vary from one state to another and it is imperative that your estate planning attorney considers not only federal issues like estate taxes but also specific state wide language and other requirements to ensure that your will is valid.

If someone contests your will after you pass away and is able to prove that the will is invalid, this could cause numerous problems in terms of passing on your assets in the way you intended.

Rather than running the risk of having your will being signed not in accordance with state laws or having other ambiguous language that leads to contention down the road, make sure that your will is updated and reviewed by an estate planning attorney on a regular basis. Speaking with a lawyer is strongly recommended so that you can ensure your individual needs are being protected and included in all of your documents.
Make sure your will has been put together by an attorney in Massachusetts with special consideration given to federal and state laws that may apply to your estate. Set up a meeting with a Massachusetts estate planning lawyer today to discuss this further.

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