It seems like a simple fix to find a document online and use it for distributing your estate in the future, but this could be a big mistake if the form is not correct. Unfortunately, in many such cases, no one realizes the mistakes until it’s too late.

Many people who approach the estate planning process want to get through what they need to do as quickly as possible. However, this can be a mistake if you choose to go the DIY route. Having an estate plan that is specific to your needs and appropriately prepared can make a big difference between having your assets tied up in a costly and frustrating probate proceeding and passing things on in a smart manner.

Online self-help companies have surfaced to provide estate planning to the crowd who is looking for a quick fix, however, these fill-in-the-blank documents often do not suit the individual needs of the person completing them and may not even be legally valid depending on your state’s laws.

Legal language is frequently omitted in these fill-in-the-blank forms, for example, in the event that a revocable online trust form doesn’t specify the language about where your assets would go if one of you beneficiaries passes away before you, this could generate confusion in the future. Special consideration for these plans requires that you schedule a meeting with a Massachusetts estate planning lawyer who can help you determine the most appropriate avenue for your individual strategies.


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