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Elderly Entrepreneurs: Small Business & Old Age Go Hand in Hand

We sometimes tend to think of upstarts and entrepreneurialism as a young person’s game. Not so! The truth is that American businesses span the whole age spectrum, and the aging-and-elderly populations make up a bigger portion than you might think. … Continue reading

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Lights… Cameras… Estate Plans? When Wills Hit the Big Screen

From Philip Seymour Hoffman and Heath Ledger to Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor, Hollywood’s dearly departed have taught us a lot about estate planning over the years. Forbes put together a list of those lessons last year, demonstrating how creative … Continue reading

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Estate Planning for People Without Children

In talking about estate plans, much of the discussion tends to focus on children. How much should they inherit and when, what kinds of trusts do they need, who should serve as guardian in the event of tragedy, etc. View … Continue reading

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Art Is In The Trust Of Fhe Beholder… Or Is It?

The Wall Street Journal is shining the light on a different kind of estate planner: the diehard collector. View image | Whether it’s comic books, baseball cards, home video libraries, music memorabilia, Disneyana, or what have you, collections can … Continue reading

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Preparing to Die: Why the Will Is Just the Beginning

“Prepare to die” sounds like something a super-villain says to a caped hero in a Hollywood blockbuster. Certainly, it’s not a phrase any of us want to hear today. But all of us will pass away someday, and when we … Continue reading

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Picking Up Where Mom and Dad Leave Off

Forbes recently asked its readers whether they could pick up where their parents leave off. It’s an odd question, and one that a lot of children won’t have asked themselves yet. The point Forbes is making is that parents don’t … Continue reading

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Why You Should Keep Your Will Up to Date

Your life isn’t stagnant. Why should your will be? After all, a Last Will and Testament is really a reflection of the life you lead — the things you own, the people love you, and the place you call home. But … Continue reading

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Estate Planning for the Modern Family

Families come in all shapes, forms, and sizes. As a matter of fact, non-traditional families now outnumber the “traditional” husband-wife-and-children household in America by a margin of about 2%, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2010 report. #137086639 / … Continue reading

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Estate Planning Nightmares To Avoid

When it comes to estate planning, there are some big mistakes that you should take pains to avoid. Problems can begin when parents and their offspring haven’t talked about the subject. And even when they do, they often don’t get … Continue reading

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Williams Took Care Of His Kids

It seems nobody can resist reading the juicy details of the life and death of a beloved celebrity and I am no different. But some of the stories are simply salacious, while others are instructive. This one I found on … Continue reading

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