What Are the Biggest Advantages of a Living Trust?

Choosing a living trust as a component of your estate plan is a wise decision and it is one that can only be made after you have carefully reviewed your current estate planning documents. These include a will and identified that a living trust may be used to complement or replace some of the planning… Read More »

Incorporating New Digital Technology into Your Estate Planning

A recent survey revealed that up to 63% of people don’t know what happens to their digital or online assets after they pass away. Whether it’s iCloud, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other online application, experienced and knowledgeable estate planning advice goes a long way into the digital and advanced technology as of now. Many… Read More »

Top Tips for Getting Along with Family Members During the Holidays

Even though the holidays are a hard-earned chance to relax towards the end of the year and get some time off work, they can produce additional stress and anxiety for people who are concerned about spending greater time with their family. Family members during the holidays can cause a lot of issues with establishing boundaries… Read More »

Americans’ Most Common Retirement Fears in 2017

Retirement is supposed to be exciting and the conclusion to your working career, however, it can also lead to some fears if you are not appropriately prepared. A new TransAmerica study indicates that American workers are dealing with fears about health and financial security in retirement. As you might expect, healthcare and longevity both factor… Read More »

University of Missouri Research Shows Benefits of Volunteering

Older adults who are concerned about protecting their cognitive functions and benefiting from social interaction could consider volunteering as one boost. A University of Missouri researcher found that although the associations with physical health and volunteering have long been documented, less has been known about the connections with mental function. However, a professor in the… Read More »

New Studies Show That People Need Outside Motivation to Save for Retirement

Lack of access to retirement programs, inertia and short-term thinking are just a couple of the challenges facing Americans as it relates to retirement planning. Study shows that plenty of people are living longer and retiring later than ever before. But far too many of those individuals affected by these statistics are not appropriately planning… Read More »

Social Security Recipients Get 2% Increase in 2018

The 66 million+ individuals receiving Social Security benefits will receive a 2 percent increase in their payments in 2018. More than 61 million Social Security beneficiaries will receive higher payments in January of 2018, and 8 million SSI recipients will get their higher payments in December of 2017. The government is responsible for analyzing cost… Read More »