A Warning for Long-Term Care Patients: Monitor Your B12 Levels

Today’s entry is a little different from my usual blogs, and it’s written especially for my clients who are currently receiving some form of long-term care. A brand-new study out of Canada, reported in U.S. News & World Report, finds that Vitamin B12 deficiency is surprisingly prevalent among long-term care patients, and it’s a real… Read More »

You Can’t Paint Long-Term Care Insurance with a Broad Brush

Forbes has an interesting new article that traces the history of long-term care insurance in America. It’s a topic I suspect many college history courses fail to touch upon, and not many more law school classes either. Essentially, the summary looks like this: For a long time, long-term care insurance wasn’t very good. Then, in… Read More »

A New Year, A New Hope for Dementia

Star Wars is all anyone is talking about these days, so I supposed it’s appropriate to be blogging about “a new hope.” (For those who’ve been hiding under an asteroid for the last forty years, A New Hope is the retroactively applied subtitle for the original Star Wars film.) Over the last year or so,… Read More »

This New Year, Resolve to Estate Plan

New Year’s resolutions always seem to be the same — eat less, run more, get better sleep, etc. Sadly, breaking those resolutions has become as traditional as making them in the first place! Forbes reports that only 8% of Americans manage to maintain their resolutions for the full year. Most of us ditch them in just… Read More »

Three Youthful Myths About Estate Planning for Millennials

Blitheness is the prerogative of the young. Arguably, no generation has better exercised its right to youthful nonchalance than the Millennial one, known for its “Peter Pan” reluctance to embrace the burdens of adulthood. Then again, maybe that isn’t fair. Millennials might think about growing up in different terms than those who came before them,… Read More »

For Dementia Patients, Increased Awareness Brings New Dignity

Things are changing on the dementia front, and we might say they’re changing for both the better and the worst. On the one hand, the overall rate of dementia is (according to most projections) rising rather rapidly. On the other, though, scientists are finally starting to make some real headway in their understanding of this… Read More »

This Holiday, Honor Caregivers with Random Acts of Kindness

The news is filled with horrifying headlines. As comfort, we remind ourselves that the world knows more kindness than tragedy, even if the former never earns the lion’s share of the coverage. Though we seldom hear about them, millions of acts of kindness unfold on Earth every single day, big and small. I see some… Read More »

Even for Dementia Patients, There’s No Place Like Home

NBC paved yet another yellow brick road to ruby-red-hot ratings with their latest live musical event this month, The Wiz LIVE! The Wizard of Oz holds a special place in our cultural consciousness, with the 1939 MGM version standing out as perhaps the most-watched movie in the whole history of cinema. Nearly every American has… Read More »

A Change in Your Sense of Humor Could Mean Dementia

The things that make you laugh may have caused plenty of arguments about which movie to see at the theater over the years, but they’ve never been of much clinical interest to doctors… until now. As The Wall Street Journal reports, a new study conducted by University College London and published in the Journal of… Read More »

Married with No Estate Plan But Too Busy to Make One?

Fact: 64% of Americans do not have a will. Fact: 1/3 of America’s married couples are without life insurance. Fact: Even among those couples that do have life insurance, 43% still say they would be in financial trouble if one of the spouses passed away. This month, NerdWallet and USA Today are teaming up with… Read More »