Tips for Finding Retirement Volunteer Opportunities

Many individuals picture their retirement as being a time of quiet solitude but unfortunately, sometimes this isn’t always how it plays out. Individuals may wish to find a volunteer position in order to help them give back to the community as well as find ways to fill their time that are both meaningful and important… Read More »

Tips for Avoiding Social Isolation with Seniors

Whether you’re an adult child concerned about an aging parent or growing concerned about your own social isolation, recognizing the signs and symptoms is often the first step to be taken to protect yourself. Sadly, isolation for senior citizens is a relatively common issue. It’s something that family members and the senior should pay attention… Read More »

Planning Ahead for Aging in Place

If you’re looking ahead to your retirement and the years beyond, there’s a strong chance that you’d like to remain in your own home independently as long as possible. This is because a growing number of older individuals – not just in Massachusetts – but across the country want the same. This is referred to… Read More »

Do You Need an Estate Planning Audit?

Does thinking about your original estate planning documents conjure up images of meeting in someone’s office a decade ago when you first got married or when you had a child? Or was it in the more recent past, but there are numerous changes you’ve undergone in your life and family since then? If either one… Read More »

Multiple Reasons Why Your Estate Planning Needs a Lift This Year

As we quickly approach 2017, it is an excellent opportunity to review your existing estate planning documents and determine if  you have fallen short. Unfortunately, far too many people make simple mistakes that can end up turning into big problems down the road if they are not careful. These simple mistakes often catch family members… Read More »

Key Tips to Help Maximize the Value of Parental Assets as They Age

There may come a time when your parents turn to you as the adult child and request your assistance in helping them put together their estate plan or manage their assets appropriately. This is a worthwhile concern as you or other beneficiaries may stand to benefit from all opportunities to minimize tax obligations and maximize… Read More »

Set Aside Some Time at Thanksgiving Dinner to Talk About Estate Plans

Most people getting together with their family for the holiday this next week will enjoy sitting around the table and discussing what has happened in the previous year. As you approach putting together your holiday newsletter as well, this is a good opportunity to reflect back and think about whether or not your current estate… Read More »