When Should I Update My Living Will?

Your living will is one of the most important documents in your Massachusetts estate planning toolbox. It is the companion to your Health Care Proxy. Your Health Care Proxy is the official document that names individuals that you want to step in in the event that you are unable to make healthcare decisions for yourself…. Read More »

What Are the Most Essential Estate Planning Documents?

9When you approach the subject of estate planning in Massachusetts, you should know that it might look a little different for everyone. What works for one does not work for another because the strategies and tools of estate planning are aligned with your specific needs. That being said, there are several documents that may be… Read More »

How Is a Living Will Different From a Will?

If you are thinking about planning ahead for your estate in Massachusetts, you probably have many questions about the most appropriate tools to use. One of the most common questions for individuals who have not spent much time with estate planning in the past has to do with how a living will is different from… Read More »

Should We Use Life Insurance to Fund a Special Needs Trust?

Guardians or parents of special needs children have many different challenges and special concerns when it comes to estate planning. Some of the most important concerns have to do with what will happen to the adult child after the parents or guardian passes away. Thinking ahead involves careful consideration of the best tool for protecting… Read More »

Why Tax Time is the Perfect Window for Reviewing Your Will

When you’re going through your financial paperwork for the last year and preparing to file your taxes, it’s a good idea to take a look at any other legal documents that you have to ensure that they are written properly and still carry out the wishes that you want. What Should I Review at Tax… Read More »

When Do I Really Need to Update My Living Will?

 In the state of Massachusetts, a living will is a suggested supplement and companion document for your healthcare proxy. While your healthcare proxy is the official document that allows you to name individuals who you wish to help you in the event that you’re unable to make healthcare decisions on your own, your living will… Read More »

What Happens to Stocks After the Death of the Owner?

Across the United States, stock ownership is extremely common and this is why the question about what happens to stock ownership transfer when the holder passes away is of great importance to many individuals. There are numerous variables that impact this, but the most important one has to do with whether or not the stocks… Read More »

Living Longer

Recently, President and Mrs. Obama made news when they enjoyed a visit and short dance with a 106-year-old woman from Washington D.C. Virginia McLaurin, told reporters she had waited all her life to see a black man in the White House and had launched her own social media campaign two years ago, to visit the… Read More »

How Much Debt is Too Much?

A recent report from the New York Federal Reserve, as reported in the Wall Street Journal,  pointed out that older Americans are holding more debt than previous generations. According to the report, the average Baby Boomer over 65 has 47% more mortgage debt and 29% more auto debt than a 65-year-old had in 2003 (after… Read More »

Who is a Qualifying Relative

For many years Baby Boomers were consumed by ‘empty nest syndrome’ when their children moved out and they had fewer responsibilities. Anxiety centered around everything from what to do with the rest of your life to how to use the extra space and whether your should move into a smaller home. But then The Recession… Read More »