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Elderly Entrepreneurs: Small Business & Old Age Go Hand in Hand

We sometimes tend to think of upstarts and entrepreneurialism as a young person’s game. Not so! The truth is that American businesses span the whole age spectrum, and the aging-and-elderly populations make up a bigger portion than you might think. … Continue reading

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Who Takes Care of You If You Don’t Have Kids?

When it comes to growing older, there is one great insurance plan that you simply can’t buy from an agent: your children. View image | Family members provide the majority of senior care in this country. They do it … Continue reading

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Estate Planning Disasters!

A solid estate plan is a great disaster-avoidance tool. The majority of Americans don’t have so much as a Last Will and Testament in place, and that’s a recipe for family feuds and assorted complications. View image | Every … Continue reading

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60 No Longer Considered “Old Age”

How old is “old age?” Older than it used to be, at least! View image | A major new report makes a clear and convincing case that people in their sixties simply do not have the life or health … Continue reading

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Signs of Caregiver Stress

So much of the discussion about long-term care in this country is focused on the patients and the payments. That makes sense. Long-term care can be very expensive and it has an inestimable impact on the lives of the elderly … Continue reading

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A Marriage to Remember: A Touching Short Film on Alzheimer’s

In a new short-film documentary entitled A Marriage to Remember, filmmaker Banker White takes a starkly intimate look into his parents’ struggle with his mother’s early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. View image | In her youth, Pam White was a model … Continue reading

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Lights… Cameras… Estate Plans? When Wills Hit the Big Screen

From Philip Seymour Hoffman and Heath Ledger to Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor, Hollywood’s dearly departed have taught us a lot about estate planning over the years. Forbes put together a list of those lessons last year, demonstrating how creative … Continue reading

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Amy Grant’s Three Tips for Family Caregivers

Amy Grant has made a career out of inspirational storytelling in song, earning six Grammy awards and more than thirty million record sales along the way. She’s one of the best-selling female recording artists of all time, but now she … Continue reading

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Is the Green House the New Nursing Home?

Every so often, cultural institutions give way to paradigm shifts. That might be the case with the conventional nursing home, according to a new report from The New York Times. In today’s society, when parents age and become less self-reliant, … Continue reading

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Happy Days Come with Age

Ezekiel Emanuel, the famous bioethicist and Ivy League professor, recently wrote an essay explaining why he’d like to die around age 75. For many, he reasons, it’s all downhill from there. Better to leave life in good shape and on … Continue reading

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