Your Plan Must Be Updated and Discussed

A recent study completed by Wells Fargo found that one out of every six older Americans knew that their financial documents are out of date. Many individuals put off these tasks because they assume a lack of urgency and that it is not important to deal with right away. However, any time that you get… Read More »

Watch Out For Tax Scams This Season

Tax scams, unfortunately, disproportionately affect the elderly, and can expose people to a number of different financial risks going forward. Around tax season these scams tend to increase, and could expose you to serious financial problems. Being aware of telephone tax scams is on the of the most important steps to take to decrease your… Read More »

Financial Procrastination Makes Things More Difficult Than They Need to Be

There are four critical things you can do to avoid financial procrastination, which can endanger your own future and that of your beneficiaries as well. According to research, Americans pay a price for procrastinating on their financial concerns, but many put these issues off anyways. There are missed financial opportunities abound, whether it’s failing to… Read More »

Seven Key Reasons You Should Set Aside Time to Adjust Your Estate Plan

In light of the new estate and tax law changes that have come into place, many people are thinking about the benefits of adjusting their estate plan. It’s worth a review sitting down with an experienced estate planning attorney to talk through the advantages of adjusting your current strategies. Regular revisions are smart planning, and… Read More »

You Can’t Count on a Will Alone

Unfortunately, experienced estate planning attorneys say there‚Äôs a high percentage of clients who have recurring mistakes in their strategy. If you haven’t had your plan updated in the last three years or if you’ve never visited with an estate planning attorney, you might not even have a will. If you do have a will, it… Read More »

Estate Planning Changes Should Keep Up with Your Life

Estate planning is never a once and done process and nothing highlights this more than someone who has failed to update their materials after a major change in their life. Your estate plan should always be reevaluated with any significant life changes such as divorce, a new marriage, births or other developments. Updating your will… Read More »

Trillions of Dollars in Cash Windfall anticipated in Coming Years

A recent study completed by Accenture estimates that between $1 trillion and $3 trillion will be transferred to beneficiaries each year through 2050. Many people, however, may not be equipped with the appropriate way to handle such an inheritance. People may be questioning what they should do next after their life has been significantly changed…. Read More »

Might You Unexpectedly Become Your Parents’ Caretaker?

Far too many families avoid talking about the process of estate planning and many people don’t even have a basic will. Problems may emerge when people are suddenly thrust into a position of managing someone’s care or organization of documents after an incapacitating event or death. Far too many people don’t realize that they are… Read More »

Is Medicaid Your Only Source of Payment for Long Term Care Planning?

As many people approach the subject of estate planning, they put together critical documents to pass on their assets after they pass away. However, they may neglect the necessary planning tools and insurance policies that could be used for long term care planning. Considering the possible need for long term care is something that everyone… Read More »

James Brown’s Estate Still in The Midst of Legal Disputes

James Brown passed away on Christmas Day in 2006 and yet disputes surrounding the settlement of his estate are still winding their way through the courts. Numerous different individuals have come forward to file disputes ranging from whether or not his widow may have truly been his wife and whether any copyrights for his songs… Read More »