The Connection Between Poor Health and Saving for Retirement

If you cannot afford to retire yet, you may need to keep yourself healthy enough to continue working. According to a project released by the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, of the 39% of individuals around the world who retired sooner than planned, 29% did so because of less than ideal health. In the United… Read More »

New Study Identifies Giving Practices by Retired Individuals

Looking ahead to your retirement has probably been something that you’ve planned for for decades. You’ve invested in the right accounts, charted out what you might need to support you through older years and consulted with a financial planner and estate planner on a regular basis. A new study conducted by Merrill Lynch identified that… Read More »

Keys to Preserving Wealth Through Multiple Generations

Keys to Preserving Wealth Through Multiple Generations Many different people are interested in protecting their legacy as well as passing on as much wealth as possible to future generations. According to research, however, many high net worth families have lost their fortunes by the second or the third generation. Up to 70% of a wealthy… Read More »

Alan Thicke’s Estate: A Subject of Conflict

Plenty of celebrity deaths have raised important considerations about the estate planning process. At the time that he unexpectedly passed away, Alan Thicke appeared to have a fairly comprehensive estate plan in place. He generated a trust in 1998 for the benefit of his family and executed a prenuptial agreement in 2004, when he married… Read More »

These Retirement Errors Could Cost You and Your Kids

Planning ahead for retirement is something you’ve probably been doing for a long time. However, many people are plodding along with their retirement plans without realizing that some mistakes could be costing them and their children in a big way. Here are the ten biggest mistakes you might be making with your retirement plan that… Read More »

Top Tips for Helping You Identify Your Retirement Age

Looking ahead to retirement can help you figure out whether you have saved enough to support your lifestyle and how you intend to pass on some of your assets to others. The typical worker in the United States retires at age 63, but a growing portion of this population is waiting to retire until later… Read More »

Four Basics Steps to Your Estate Planning Process

Unfortunately, far too many people believe that estate planning begins and ends with a simple will but this can be a catastrophic mistake as wills are exposed to potential mistakes as well. This is particularly true if you attempt to engage in estate planning process on your own without consulting directly with an attorney. What… Read More »

Avoiding the Flaws of Self-Help Legal Planning

It seems like a simple fix to find a document online and use it for distributing your estate in the future, but this could be a big mistake if the form is not correct. Unfortunately, in many such cases, no one realizes the mistakes until it’s too late. Many people who approach the estate planning… Read More »