Avoiding the Flaws of Self-Help Legal Planning

It seems like a simple fix to find a document online and use it for distributing your estate in the future, but this could be a big mistake if the form is not correct. Unfortunately, in many such cases, no one realizes the mistakes until it’s too late. Many people who approach the estate planning… Read More »

What You Should Know About Anxiety in Older Adults

Your aging loved ones may require advanced care as they face greater physical issues, but as family members, you should also be aware of potential mental indicators that your loved one is struggling. This may be in the form of symptoms of depression, anxiety, or isolation. No matter how these signs prevent, they can have… Read More »

Does a Trust Belong in Your Estate Plan?

The most basic facets of estate planning often include a will and a trust. Both can be helpful for different reasons, but if you’re not familiar with how a trust fits into your general estate plan, consider talking with your estate planning lawyer in Massachusetts to discuss how this might benefit you. For the purposes… Read More »

Optimizing Your Retirement Planning Strategy for Taxes

Looking ahead to the future is critical for any individual who is in the process of saving for retirement. Setting aside enough money to handle increasing longevity concerns and the rising costs of long term care are two of the most common reasons why an individual will approach retirement planning and estate planning with the… Read More »

Most Americans Simply Are Not Prepared for Retirement: How to Plan Ahead

The country’s largest money manager BlackRock, recently asked Americans who are participating in a defined contribution plan like a 401(k) how they see themselves as prepared for retirement. Most of those individuals said that they were prepared for the future and had a generally optimistic view towards retirement. This suggests, however, that individuals who are… Read More »

You Need to Update Your Beneficiaries at Least Once Per Year

It is a good idea to have your beneficiaries clearly listed on any account in which the company asks for it, including your retirement accounts and your life insurance policy. Set aside a calendar reminder every single year to sign back in or to contact these companies and verify that the beneficiary information is still… Read More »

Tips for Finding Retirement Volunteer Opportunities

Many individuals picture their retirement as being a time of quiet solitude but unfortunately, sometimes this isn’t always how it plays out. Individuals may wish to find a volunteer position in order to help them give back to the community as well as find ways to fill their time that are both meaningful and important… Read More »